14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (2024)

Merely natural things are not for the yard or garden. With these DIY yard art ideas, you can learn to add some handmade decorations, all suitable to put on this location. You will find options like dummies, paintings, gardening tool decors, hangings, stepping stones, and much more.

Each yard art DIY is based on the garden setting, so it is completely relevant and would not look strange here. So, keep reading if looking for inspiration and guides to beautify your space.

DIY Yard Art And Garden Ideas

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (1)

Many crafters may think the garden is not a place to display their art. But the fact is, DIY yard and garden art ideas may leave the first impressive impression on visitors (on you, too!). Since we don't go beyond the natural settings when taking subjects, they feel as if we see the plants or flowers there.

You can display fake butterflies, grazing animals, plants, flowers, stones, and much more. So, let's get started with this roundup of DIY yard art ideas and projects for all skill levels.

Which Materials You Can Use For Yard Art Ideas?

You can use household items like scrap wood, old paints, stones, bottle caps, nails, old planters, gardening tools, balls, bowls, fabrics, beads, paper, cardboard, and much more for DIY yard art.

For example, using a bowl, wood, and some paint, we can make a mushroom dummy. Similarly, using balls, paint, and nails, I can make flowers. In this way, you can try others, but a better way is to check out the below ideas.

DIY Plywood Crafts Holiday Yard Art Decorations

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Create personalized and festive plywood yard art for the holidays with this DIY project. The project allows you to Choose different designs such as building blocks, pumpkins, trees, or other stuff that fits your style or with the occasion. So, make one of the design and let your yarn be the talk of the town!

Initially, draw your character onto the plywood, freehand, or using a projector for the outline. Cut out your character using a jigsaw. Afterward, sand your pieces to roughen for optimal paint adhesion. Apply primer for a smooth finish. Pencil in the character's details lightly. Lastly, paint your base colors and detailing, taking care to outline and accentuate features for visibility.


  • ¾" 4X8 pieces of plywood
  • Metal Poles and brackets to secure the back of the characters for display
  • 1-jigsaw with a scrolling blade
  • Screws
  • Paint Primer
  • Acrylic outdoor paints
  • Spray sealer clear coat to protect against the weather
  • Artist Brushes for the Base and detail work


DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (3)

Make a DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone to bring unexpected color to your yard. The stepping stone not only makes your yard look nice, but it also gives you a useful path. This can stop your shoes from getting dirty when you walk on your lawn or go to a far edge. Even when it rains, the stepping stone looks even better as the color brightens on its wet surface.

Start by collecting sea glass. Next, create your mold and mix your cement. Paint the sea glass with white spray paint, then mix the cement with builders' sand and water. Fill the mold with wet concrete and press the sea glass into it to form a design. Leave it to dry for at least two days, then gently remove the stepping stone from the mold. Finally, clean the glass on the stone with water, let it dry, and finish with clear varnish to make it shine.


  • Old pan or plastic tub (mold)
  • Cement and builders sand or pre-mixed Quikrete
  • Matte white spray paint
  • Clear glossy spray paint
  • Sea glass and other decorative items
  • Wire mesh (optional)


DIY Stone Cactus Yard Art

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (4)

Spice up your garden without worrying about maintenance or watering, and get ready to create your very own charming, and real-looking stone cacti. They're perfect for brightening up any corner of your home or office with their vibrant colors.

To initiate the project, begin by collecting smooth stones of varied shapes. Properly wash these stones, and then add a coat of green paint. After the green paint dries, detail the stones with white paint. Post painting, arrange all the painted stones in the pot, interspersed with unadorned stones, which represent the soil. And your DIY project is ready to bring greenery into your space!


  • Stones
  • Flower Pot
  • Green paint
  • White paint and brush


3 DIY Screwball Flowers Yard Art

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (5)

Be ready to receive compliments from your neighbors and friends as you incorporate an element of fun into your yard with these DIY Screwball Flowers. They're a creative and enjoyable way to bring life and color to your outdoor spaces. These attractive pieces of yard art are especially handy if you don't have a natural green thumb or struggle with regularly maintaining real plants.

To make DIY Screwball Flowers, start by drawing lines around a wooden ball, and dividing it into sections. Use a drill press with a smaller bit than your wood screws to drill holes about ½" apart and ½" deep along the drawn lines. Add a larger hole for a metal rod. After quick sanding, securely screw the wood screws into the wooden ball, filling all drilled holes. Paint each 'flower' a different color using spray paint. Once dry, hammer the metal rods into the ground at varying heights and place the 'flowers' on top.


  • 3″wood balls
  • 2 boxes ofExterior wood screws 3”
  • 3 Metal rods 3 – 4 feet in length, 5mm round
  • Drill press andbits
  • Spray paintpink, blue, yellow
  • Screwdriver


DIY Yard Art Pitcher With Bling

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Add beauty to your yard in an unexpected way with a shiny DIY Yard Art Pitcher with Bling. This creative and affordable project adds pleasing sparkle to outdoor areas, changing normal into exceptional. By threading and securing the beads, the lines of crystals will hang at different lengths, creating a falling effect similar to a flowing waterfall.

Start by separating and restringing crystals on long pieces of fishing line. After experiencing a blockage when trying to run the line up the pitcher spout, improvise by drilling a hole directly underneath the spout. Feed the loose ends of the fishing line through the spout's sprinkle holes and out the pre-drilled hole, gathering all the ends to tie several knots to form one large knot, which goes into the pre-drilled hole using pliers. Now, the crystals hang at different lengths, and you can place your finished piece in a flowerbed to sparkle in the sunlight.


  • Galvanized pitcher
  • Crystal teardrop beads
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
  • Drill
  • Pliers


Recycled Garden Mushrooms

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (7)

This eco-friendly DIY project transforms simple objects into vibrant, sustainable, and whimsical garden art that acts as a beautiful feature in your yard. Its vivid red top and classic dotted pattern echo the allure of classic red cap fairytale mushrooms. Apart from enhancing your garden's aesthetic appeal, these mushrooms could be versatile props for thematic parties as well.

Bring this DIy project to life by preparing the two main components for a mushroom shape. Spray paint all over one piece with white primer and let it dry. Then, spray paint the top of the same piece with red, allow it to dry, and repeat for a second coat. Proceed to paint circles with a white primer on the painted piece. Once the paint has dried, apply a strong adhesive to the top of another piece you've prepared. Attach the previously painted piece on top, press, and hold for 30 seconds. As a final step, spray the assembled mushroom with two coats of sealer, ensuring to allow for drying time in between.


  • Cut Tree Stumps
  • Round Bowls
  • Outdoor Spray Paint;
  • Primer White, Red, Sealer
  • White Primer Paint ( Small Can)
  • Industrial Glue
  • Paint Brush


Bottle Cap Flowers For Frugal DIY Garden Art

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (8)

Brighten up your yard with these DIY flowers that need no water or upkeep. Choose your favorite colors and designs, or keep the original bottle cap look for a rustic style. This outdoor-approved yard art is not only a beautiful addition to your green space but also a creative exercise in sustainable arts and crafts.

First, arrange the bottle caps with one in the center and six around the outer ring, upside down on a newspaper. Use hot glue to attach the caps together, and secure them twice for sturdiness. Then, glue a wooden skewer to the back of the assembled flower and let it cool. Flip the flower over, paint it as desired, and apply 2-3 coats. Once the paint has dried, coat the flower with ModPodge and let it dry again before placing it in your garden.


  • 7 metal bottle caps per flower
  • 1 wooden skewer per flower
  • Paints (outdoor approved)
  • Paint brushes
  • Newspaper
  • Modpodge
  • Hot glue gun


Secret Garden

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (9)

Add a sprinkle of whimsy to your garden with the Secret Garden art project. It sticks pretty wrapping paper to wood using a decoupage to create a colorful backdrop. The jar it comes with can be used for many things, like holding flowers, candles, or brushes. This Secret Garden project isn't only for decoration - it's also useful and can be changed according to your needs.

Begin by painting an 11x14 piece of scrap wood with buttercream-colored paint and let it dry. Cut a piece of wrapping paper slightly larger than the wood and use a medium (Gator Hide) to attach it to the wood, smoothing out bubbles with a brayer. Tear off the excess paper and sand the edges for a clean finish. Paint a metal secret garden plaque with buttercream paint, let it dry, then highlight raised sections with Anastasia gilding wax. Attach the plaque to the wood. Paint a wide-mouth mason jar, sand raised areas, and secure it to the wood using a hose clamp.


  • 11 x 14 pieces of wood
  • A color, Buttercream from The Dixie Belle Paint Company
  • Wrapping paper
  • Dixie Belle's Gator Hide (as decoupage medium)
  • A brayer for smoothing out any bubbles and wrinkles on the paper
  • A metal secret garden plaque
  • Gilding wax in the color Anastasia
  • A wide-mouth mason jar
  • Another color, Peony from The Dixie Belle Paint Company
  • A hose clamp


DIY Embossed Stepping Stones

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (10)

Suppose you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to add architectural interest and texture to your front walkway. In that case, these DIY embossed stepping stones are a perfect alternative to concrete or stone. These simple DIY embossed stepping stones are a unique way to add a pop of color to your garden or yard. With just a few supplies and a little time, you can create your own set of custom stepping stones that reflect the seasons, your favorite colors or patterns, and even one or two critters.

Cut a rubber doormat into small stamps based on the size of your stepping stones. Next, create a thick mix, pour it into the mold, and press your doormat stamp into the mix. Set it in a flat, warm place and allow it to sit for 12 hours. Halfway through the process, remove the rubber stamp and clean up the design using sandpaper. Once completely cured (around 14-24 hours), remove the stepping stone from the mold.


  • Rubber Doormat
  • Sand/Topping Mix
  • Reusable Plastic Stepping Stone Mold (more info below)
  • Plastic Mixing Bucket
  • Trowel
  • Utility Knife with New Blade
  • Cooking Spray
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Rough Sandpaper
  • Chip Brush


Recycled Flower Garden Art Craft Project

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (11)

Transform simple materials into a pretty cool DIY flower that will add a lot of charm and a vibrant touch, whether it's in your yard or indoors in a vase. You can choose the color of your preference and adorn your space accordingly. So, Follow the step-by-step directions in the provided video tutorial and brighten up your space in no time!

Insert a dowel into a styrofoam ball, remove it, add glue, and re-insert it. Cover the ball completely with pushpins dipped in glue. Once dry, spray paint the ball. Cover the dowel with tape or cling wrap and paint the pushpins. Cut your cans into long leaves, leaving a tab for attachment to the stem. Spray one side of each leaf with light green paint, let dry, then tape over and spray the other side dark green. Glue and wire the leaves to the dowel. Spray the wire (if desired), let dry, and remove any tape.


  • Empty and clean pop cans
  • A lot of pushpins
  • A styrofoam ball
  • Dowel
  • Ultimate Glue for pushpins
  • E6000 to glue the cans together
  • Spray paint in light blue, light green, and darker green
  • Thin wire


Trash To Treasure Repurposing A Lantern Into Garden Art

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (12)

Who says broken items can't be beautiful? Discover how to turn actual trash into a true masterpiece with the repurposing of a Lantern into Garden Art. You can fill it with holiday greenery and lights during Christmas or fashion it with cut flowers and leaves for a natural look.

Weld a broken lantern to a post and connected rusted fencing pieces with flat steel bars. Let the lantern rust naturally over time or accelerate the process to achieve a rustic look. Decorate seasonally by adding holiday greenery or lights. For now, place a vase with cut flowers and leaves inside for added interest. Customize by hanging elements like frayed burlap or aluminum chains on the side, offering contrast and enhancing aesthetic appeal.


  • Broken lantern
  • Scrap metal
  • Welding tools
  • Thrift store vase
  • Cut flowers and Hosta leaves
  • Burlap
  • Aluminum chain


Paint A Monarch Butterfly Stepping Stone

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (13)

Make your yard stand out with the Monarch Butterfly Stepping Stone. In this DIY project, you change a simple concrete block into a lively piece of beauty for your garden. This decor makes your garden path more attractive and withstands different weather well. Beginners and even children can enjoy this DIY project.

Begin by coating a plain concrete paver with white paint and letting it dry. Draw a butterfly design onto the paver and outline it in black paint. Allow to dry before painting within lines with orange followed by yellow towards the wing edges for a fading effect. Reinforce black outlines, then add white dots for detail. Once completely dry, coat with sealer three times, allowing each layer to dry in between. Let it cure for a few weeks before exposing it to weather.


  • Cement pavers
  • Paints
  • Brushes


Watering Can Garden ArtProject

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (14)

This project transforms a simple watering can into a beautiful ornamental piece. It hangs on a curved pole next to a flowering hydrangea, the watering can stand out with its bright yellow color and cute painting of hydrangeas.However, you can go with the color, desgn or pattern that you like and can make it more personal.

Start by prepping a secondhand watering can for painting by cleaning and applying a layer of primer. Once dry, cover with several light coats of spray paint, rotating the can for even application and allowing an hour between coats. Leave it to dry thoroughly for a couple of days. Decorate using acrylic paints, creating leaf spikes and dotting on a hydrangea pattern. Let it dry, and apply a clear varnish coating for protection. Place in the garden to enjoy.


  • Watering can
  • Primer and spray paints
  • Mixing palette
  • Acrylic paints
  • Clear varnish
  • Shepherd's hook (Optional)
  • Paint brushes


How To Turn A Whisk Into DIY Peaco*ck Garden Art

14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (15)

By following the steps provided in this guide, you can transform a kitchen utensil into a beautiful garden decoration or an eye-catching piece of decor for a room. With glittery features, a bead as the beak, and a majestic crown-like headpiece, this is certainly something you'd want to gift to someone who appreciates handmade items.

Remove the center disk from a whisk and arrange the wires to resemble a peaco*ck's feathers. Next, wrap and trim down a wire net to fit each 'feather.' Affix a souvenir spoon to the base of the peaco*ck as a stand. Then, paint the peaco*ck turquoise blue, add some yellow paint in the centers of each 'feather,' and overlay it with gold glitter paint. Twist craft wire to make the plumes on the peaco*ck's head, glue each one in place, and finally, secure a drop bead to form the head and beak.


  • Whisk
  • Souvenir Spoon
  • Rusted Wire Net
  • Acrylic Drop Bead
  • Paint
  • DecoArt Glamour Dust 2-Ounce Gold Glitz Glitter Paint
  • Craft Wire
  • Jewelry Glue


14 Easy DIY Yard Art & Garden Ideas For Decorations (2024)
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