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It’s not just hippies seeking a psychedelic experience anymore. States are opting to decriminalize compounds like psilocybin and implement integrated therapy, making the topic of magic mushrooms (and psychedelics in general) less taboo.

More people talking leads to more interest, and many newcomers seek to explore the positives of a trip without any side effects. Some believe that microdosing the right formulation can provide the experience without as many negatives.

That’s why CBD and kratom brand Koi recently launched MusciMind, a microdose gummy experience that touts “a state of plant-derived bliss without the full trip.”

“We saw an opportunity in the market to create a product that would appeal to a new consumer that was looking for an elevated experience that tastes great, is effective, safe, and is not what you’d expect from a traditional psychedelic.” shared Koi CEO Brad Ridenour.

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All about Koi microdose gummies

It’s been a decade since I experimented with psychedelics, and I have never microdosed. After many high-dose trips without integration I fear the side effects, too. In my experience this can range from gastrointestinal discomfort to extreme paranoia.

When Koi reached out about MusciMind, psychedelic gummies in a resealable child-resistant bag, it felt like the right product for me to slowly meander back to the psychedelic realm. Third-party testing is completed on each batch with results displayed on the website. Lab testing is a way that brands instill faith in consumers, both that whats promised is in there, and things like lead are not. This is especially important when shopping for muscimol, as many products sold in gas stations promise muscimol but actually contain other analogs.

The psychedelic mushroom gummies are formulated with mind-boosting muscimol, a compound isolated from the Amanita muscaria mushroom. The compound is legal in every U.S. state except Louisiana. But the intentionality of the natural ingredients doesn’t stop there. Each bag contains a proprietary blend of muscimol and nano encapsulated nootropic mushrooms.

That means that MusciMind gummies contain a combination of functional mushrooms, vitamins, and herbs that work together to release serotonin (aka pure bliss). This includes vitamins B12 and D, Lions Mane, Rhodelia, L-Tryptophan, and Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark.

“At Koi, we’re always looking towards new horizons of plant wellness,” explained Ridenour. “Now, we’re diving even deeper into the healing power of mushrooms to explore the expansive effects of muscimol.”

My MusciMind experience

And experience I did. On a day when my child care was locked in, I tried a Koi MusciMind Peach Razz gummy. The package indicates that 1-2 pieces is a microdose. Each contains 1 mg muscimol 30 mg nootropic mushroom blend per gummy.

Having never microdosed or consumed this product, I followed my beginner cannabis edibles advice and started with the smaller amount.

After only 15-20 minutes, my gut started to flutter, and my mind slowly transformed into a cloud. Well, that’s how it felt, at least. By 30 minutes things were in motion, and a full hour in, I was inspired. I was able to complete tasks and cross things off my admin list, but I was not necessarily creative. For a writer, that is worth noting.

I felt absolutely unstoppable in some ways. Patterns and structures of the world felt easy to conquer. But focusing that energy on a creative task wasn’t happening.

The psychedelic experience settled in when I tried to pick up my dispensary order. When trying to count my money, the bills didn’t make sense, reminding me of a large-dose trip.

The difference was that I could count and hand the budtender my money. In past mid-trip corner store missions, I’ve just slid unknown amounts of money at the cashier and hoped they were honest.

This difference embodies the microdose experience for me. It still felt like tripping with airs of the same experiences with less intensity. That is until they come down. That turned me into what I described to my husband as “blobby.”

As promised by Koi, my one gummy experience lasted about three hours. But my journey back to waking life wasn’t as simple as a snap of the fingers. I planned to hang out with my energetic toddler once the gummy wore off, but I lacked silliness and imagination. I was emptied. Next time, I will try half of one gummy to see if this is lessened.

That emptiness wore off, but it’s worth planning if you indulge in a MusciMind microdose gummy. Don’t expect to be at top functioning levels once the gummy wears off. On that note, I wouldn’t recommend eating one to create. However, I do recommend these for energizing your imaginative well for later.

The verdict on Koi MusciMind microdose gummies

The nootropic blend in the MusciMind gummies most certainly comes through with its promise of activating serotonin and elevating the body, mind, and spirit. It would be wise to delicately titrate your dose rather than go all in according to the package.

Koi MusciMind gummies come in Peach Razz, Grape Lemonade, and Strawberry Cotton Candy flavors that taste like candy. Truly, that Peach Razz was delicious. Some may want to read the ingredients, as these gummies are made with high fructose corn syrup and some artificial dyes.

This psychedelic offering from a long-time, high quality hemp CBD company is delicious and available in all 50 states. With the ease of access, reliable effects, and delightful flavors, MusciMind gummies could be the perfect entry point for the psychedelic curious.

“We want everyone to experience this nature-based euphoria in the most effective and convenient way possible,” Ridenour concluded.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.

I tried MusciMind legal psychedelic mushrooms, here's what happened | GreenState (2024)
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